More Lorry Driver Urban Legends

More Lorry Driver Urban Legends

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I have discussed lorry driver urban legends before, however they keep popping up all over the net. I am unsure quite why lorry motorists as well as their vehicles frequently appear to become in the center of these types of tales – my theory is that it is the lorry motorists themselves who spread them while running haulage jobs and return loads around the globe! Possibly it is only that lots of urban legends occur on the highway, and lorry motorists alllow for convenient and plausible participants. Nonetheless they spread, these tales are not going anywhere soon, plus they get wilder and much more outlandish with each and every retelling. Listed here are five of the greatest (and one of these is even true!)

Don’t Wreck Havoc On The Lorry Driver

Based on this legend, three bikers get to a café and find out a lorry driver sitting by himself. For whatever reason they decide it will likely be fun to choose on him. They drink his coffee, pour pepper over him, and eat the majority of his food. The lorry driver does nothing, simply eats what’s left, pays the balance leaving. Later on, among the bikers states towards the waiter, “He wasn’t a fighter, was he?” The waiter, who’s searching outdoors, replies “He wasn’t a driver either he just backed his lorry straight over three motorcycles parked outdoors!”

True or False? It can’t surprise me if the was true, since lorry motorists are famous for his or her non-nonsense nature, but there aren’t any recorded cases of this really happening. A scene such as this has made an appearance several occasions on film (for instance, in Smokey and also the Bandit and each Which Way But Loose) indicating it most likely belongs within the realms of fiction.

Loose Load = Decapitation

Here is a story in regards to a nasty type of “return load”! Like a motorcyclist is driving behind a lorry, a loose sheet of metal slips from the rear of the lorry and decapitates him. The now headless driver, propelled through the momentum from the bike, travels beyond the lorry driver, who sees the motorcyclist, has cardiac arrest, and crashes his lorry.

True or False? It had been false, however it lately grew to become true! The initial story is definitely an urban legend that’s been around for many years and it has a large number of variations, but gruesomely enough, similar occasions happened in 2001. 43 years old Linda Riojas was decapitated with a sheet of metal that apparently fell from the lorry in-front and experienced her car windows before landing next a Bible within the back seat. Sometimes the fact is stranger than fiction!

“Wait, is the fact that a-“

A biker is on the highway during the night (what exactly is it about lorry motorists and bikers in urban legends?) sees two bikers coming lower sleep issues from the road. He decides to demonstrate by traveling in together and becomes the oncoming lane. But in the final moment, he understands that it is not two bikes on the highway in front of him, however the headlights of the lorry.

True or False? Certainly false – this a person kicking around for any lengthy time, told as whether joke or perhaps a spooky fire story. An alternative from it even seems within the 1921 film Hard Luck, where Buster Keaton tries to commit suicide by standing before a vehicle (seen only by its headlights) and it is rather went by two bemused motorcyclists.

The Al-Qaida Return Load

Soon after September eleventh, an e-mail did the models warning that more than thirty rental trucks and lorries choose to go missing “taken by Arabic searching men”, presumably for any follow-up attack.

True or False? Completely false. The 3 companies pointed out within the original email (Ryder, U-Haul and Verizon) stated that none of the lorries choose to go missing, also it appears to possess been yet another email hoax.

Deadly Shipment

A lorry full of ten tonnes of cyanide is hijacked in Mexico for reasons unknown terrorism is strongly suspected. The lorry is located days later, but is missing its lethal cargo.

True or False? True! Even though it had nothing related to terrorism (which is likely the hijackers were not even conscious of exactly what the lorry was transporting) in Feb 2002 a lorry was stopped and hijacked by three armed gunmen in Mexico. A couple of days later, the lorry was discovered, however with a few of the cyanide missing. What went down into it, nobody knows.

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